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Fathead Minnow Egg Production Tanks

Fathead minnow egg producing tanks (above).  Bay Mysid (Americamysis bahia) cultures (background) and Sheepshead minnow cultures (foreground) (below).


A toxicity lab used for static-renewal testing  (right).

Coastal Bioanalysts Inc. is custom built and houses five separate laboratories. Three  laboratories are dedicated to static and static-renewal testing. A fourth laboratory is equipped for flow-through testing with sediments, effluents, or chemicals and is also outfitted with a hooded test table for testing of volatile or noxious samples.  An exposure apparatus with microprocessor control of CO2-air mixtures is available for pH-controlled toxicity tests, while chilled water baths are available for testing cold-water species such as trout and bent-nosed clams.  A fifth laboratory is equipped with microscopes, incubators, etc. for microbiological and algal testing.

In addition to the laboratories, we have a separate culture wing that houses the fish and invertebrates we breed in-house.  Producing our own animals ensures that test organisms are of correct age, free of shipping stress, healthy and available year-round, seven days per week.
All of our animals are cultured in compliance with EPA guidelines.  All pertinent information such as taxonomic identification and source, hatch dates, and acclimation conditions are documented to insure appropriate organisms are used in tests.


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