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UPS and FedEx generally do a great job at delivering samples undamaged and on time.  However, as they have become more bogged down with overnight delivery of consumer merchandise, there have been more problems with samples not making it to the lab within sample hold time, or arriving damaged.  In the case of chronic toxicity tests, when UPS or FedEx fails to get the second or third sample in the series to the lab on time, the tests need to be aborted and restarted with new samples. 



To address this problem, we began a sample pick-up service in 2019 with routes around Virginia, Maryland and DC.  Service features include:


  • We will pick up samples at costs that are significantly lower than FedEx or UPS, especially when large coolers for fish tests are involved.


  • Discounts are available for facilities with multiple sites/outfalls.


  • Samples are picked up Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  This allows facilities to collect composite samples from Monday-Tuesday, Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday-Friday, avoiding weekend set up of samplers.


  • There is no need to hassle with filling out air bills, taping up coolers and getting them to a UPS or FedEx office.  Our driver will pick up the coolers at your doorstep.


  • The samples are guaranteed to get to our lab on time.  Coolers will not be transported upside down, destroyed by forklifts, or bake in the sun on a hot tarmac; they will be hand-delivered to the lab in a Coastal Bioanalysts' air-conditioned van.  There is no need to worry about having to repeat sampling and testing due to lost, damaged or delayed shipments.


If you are interested in our toxicity testing and sample pick-up services, please give us a call at 804-694-8285 and we can discuss pick-up options available for your location.

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