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Site Specific Water Quality Standards

Coastal Bioanalysts, Inc. can provide the technical support necessary to derive a site-specific water quality criterion or standard and thus a discharge limit appropriate to the facility and receiving water.  We are experienced with a wide variety of test species and can perform toxicity tests using methods appropriate for the toxicant and site-specific conditions. We have conducted numerous water-effects ratio (WER) studies, providing clients with cost-effective regulatory relief for metals limits.

 In WER studies, side-by-side toxicity tests are conducted in both laboratory dilution water and receiving water using standard species.  The ratio of LC50 values (WER) is then used as a multiplier to correct the national or state standard for site-specific conditions.  Further modifications to the standard may also be made by accounting for differences in water chemistry (e.g. dissolved-to-total ratio and hardness for metals) between the site water and regulatory default values.

Humic Acid, Environmentl Toxicology
Site Specific Water Qualty Standards,Toxicity Testing

Humic Acid- a natural chelator of metals

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